Cashew Kernel Price Today

Cashew Kernel Price Today, August 16, 2017

W240: 5.20-5.25; W320: 5.05-5.15;

W450/ SW320/ LBW: 4.9-4.95;

DW: 4.5-4.6; WS/WB: 4.35-4.6;

LP: 3.75-3.85 (SP: Limited)

(Unit: USD/ Lb FOB HCMC/ Flexi packs)

Note: The above selling prices for non-Chinese markets/ Prompt shipment.

Thứ Hai, 21 tháng 8, 2017

IVC: Preliminary studies on the implementation of a cashew factory in Korhogo

21 August 2017

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A confidential audit of consulting firm Deloitte overwhelms the Ivorian cashew industry

Korhogo - Experts from the National Technical and Development Studies Office (Bnetd) visited Monday the industrial zone of Korhogo as part of an environmental assessment mission and social preliminary to the construction of a cashew nut factory , learned the AIP on site. 

A meeting of information and awareness, held in the same day Prefecture, preceded this field trip that took place in municipal technicians responsible company of the urbanization of the city plan. 

No information was available about the expected plant, except that technicians have received "instructions" to accelerate this phase of preliminary environmental and social assessment to installation.

The town of Korhogo, which is one of the major areas of cashew production in the country (about 50 000 tons for this campaign), currently has a single functional cashew processing unit. 

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India: Cashew demand steady despite high kernel prices

Demand remained steady in the world cashew markets despite high prices, and reasonable volumes are being traded every few weeks, according to market sources.
“This phenomenon is keeping the market steady within a range. Even now despite the relative quietness, there is some business being done for October-December shipments,” Pankaj N Sampat, a Mumbai-based dealer told BusinessLine.
Whether this buying is to fulfil old commitments or roasters are able to make new sales with current prices is not yet clear, he said.
Indian domestic demand has been slow for the past several weeks. In May and June, wholesalers were not building up stocks as GST came into effect on July 1. High prices in May/June were an additional reason for not building up inventory.
In July/August, people are getting rid of old stocks besides acquainting themselves with the new tax system. Indian festivals start from August with the peak in mid-October. Therefore, some idea about how the market is going to react to the high prices would emerge by end August/early September, he said.
Current offers are in a wide range viz., W240 from $5.10 to $5.30, W320 from $4.85 to $5.15, W450 from $4.80 to $5.00, Splits from $4.35 to $4.60, LP from $3.75 to $3.95 per lb (fob).
Indian exports rose 24 per cent in the April-June period from the corresponding period last fiscal year in spite of the high prices.
Total shipments stood at 22,985 tonnes valued at ₹1,562.92 crore as against 18,478 tonnes valued at ₹1,029.36 crore.
The average unit value has soared by 22 per cent to ₹679.97 a kg from 557.07 a kg in April-June 2016, S Kannan, Executive Director and Secretary, Cashew Export Promotion Council of India (CEPCI) told BusinessLine.
According to Sampat, the price decline has been mainly in W240 and W320 grades from small and medium processors. Broken grades, on the other hand, have moved up and continued to stay firm.
(This article was published on August 18, 2017)

India: Pistachio falls on subdued demand

New Delhi, Aug 18 () 

Pistachio prices eased by Rs 5 per kg at the dryfruit market in the national capital today largely due to subdued demand from retailers and stockists.
Adequate stocks position following increased arrivals from overseas markets also put pressure on pistachio prices.
Pistachio (hairati and peshawari) fell Rs 5 each to conclude at Rs 1,375-1,445 and Rs 1,515-1,615 per kg, respectively.
Traders said sluggish demand from retailers and stockists against increased arrivals, mainly led to the fall in pistachio prices.
Following are today's quotations (per 40 kgs):
  • Almond (California) Rs 18,900-19,100, almond (gurbandi) Rs 12,000-12,100, almond (girdhi) Rs 5,000-5,100; abjosh afghani Rs 8,000-23,000, almond kernel (california) Rs 685-705 per kg, almond kernel (gurbandi) Rs 700-800 per kg, chilgoza (Roasted) (1 kg) Rs 2,300-2,500, 
  • cashew kernel 1 kg (no 180) Rs 1,080-1,090, cashew Kernel (no 210) Rs 960-985, cashew kernel (no 240) Rs 900-940, cashew kernel (no 320) Rs 840-860, cashew kernel broken 2 pieces Rs 670-765, cashew kernel broken 4 pieces Rs 650-765, cashew kernel broken 8 pieces Rs 550-670, 
  • copra (qtl) Rs 10,000-12,500, coconut powder (25 kgs) Rs 4,000 -4,400, dry dates-new Red (qtl) Rs 3,500-7,000, fig Rs 19,000- 25,000, kishmish kandhari local Rs 10,000-15,000, kishmish kandhari special Rs 9,000-21,000, kishmish Indian yellow Rs 3,400-4,400, kishmish Indian green Rs 6,000-9,000, 
  • pistachio Irani Rs 1,100-1,200, pistachio hairati Rs 1,375-1,445, pistachio peshawari Rs 1,515-1,615, pistachio dodi (roasted) 700-800, walnut Rs 260-350 and walnut kernel (1 kg) Rs 800- 1,200. DP SUN DPL SRK


Chủ Nhật, 20 tháng 8, 2017

India: Dry fruit prices end flat in thin trade

New Delhi, Aug 17 

There was not much activity at the dry fruit market in the national capital today as prices moved in a narrow range on scattered deals and settled around the previous levels.

Marketmen said negligible enquiries from retailers against slackened demand from bulk consumers mainly kept dry fruit prices unaltered.

Following are today's quotations (per 40 kgs):

  • Almond (California) Rs 18,900-19,100, almond (gurbandi) Rs 12,000-12,100, almond (girdhi) Rs 5,100-5,200; abjosh afghani Rs 8,000-23,000, almond kernel (california) Rs 685-705 per kg, almond kernel (gurbandi) Rs 700-800 per kg, chilgoza (Roasted) (1 kg) Rs 2,500-2,700, 
  • cashew kernel 1 kg (no 180) Rs 1,075-1,085, cashew Kernel (no 210) Rs 950-970, cashew kernel (no 240) Rs 895-930, cashew kernel (no 320) Rs 820-845, cashew kernel broken 2 pieces Rs 670-770, cashew kernel broken 4 pieces Rs 660-770, cashew kernel broken 8 pieces Rs 550-660, 
  • copra (qtl) Rs 9,000-11,500, coconut powder (25 kgs) Rs 4,100 -4,500, dry dates Red (qtl) Rs 2,300-12,000, fig Rs 20,000- 26,000, kishmish kandhari local Rs 10,000-15,000, kishmish kandhari special Rs 9,000-21,000, kishmish Indian yellow Rs 3,500-4,500, kishmish Indian green Rs 6,000-9,000, pistachio Irani Rs 1,100-1,200, pistachio hairati Rs 1,380-1,450, pistachio peshawari Rs 1,520-1,620, pistachio dodi (roasted) 700-800, walnut Rs 270-380 and walnut kernel (1 kg) Rs 800- 1,300.


USA: Steuben Foods goes nuts over non-dairy milk

18 August 2017

Steuben Foods in Elma (Buffalo News file photo)

Aw, nuts.
Just one year after closing its Elmhurst line of dairy milk after 92 years in business, Elma-based Steuben Foods is coming out with a new non-dairy milk that is already hitting store shelves.
The new Elmhurst Milked product is a new line of vegan beverages, made from almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts. It's made using a patented "milking" technology that captures the nuts' natural nutrition without using "stabilizers" or other additives, officials said. The drinks are natural, gluten-free and non-GMO, with no gums, thickeners or emulsifiers.
"The result is a delicious, clean-label beverage perfect for those who desire a non-dairy drink," product manager Kimberly Behzadi said in a statement announcing the new product line. "We also have an arsenal of cooking recipes and tips on our website."
It takes eight walnuts, 11 cashews, 11 hazelnuts and 18 almonds, respectively, to make each of the drinks. Behzadi said the almond and cashew milks are milder in flavor.
The non-dairy milk will be made at the company's former yogurt factory in Elma, which employs 660 currently, with an expectation to add at least 50 as the Elmhurst product grows. The drink will be available in four different quart-sized cartons online and at local grocers, including East Aurora Co-op, Ashker's Juice Bar, Washington Market and Market in the Square.
Retail prices are $4.99 for the almond or walnut varieties, and $5.99 for the cashew and hazelnut milks.