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Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 5, 2013

Ghana Government commits to doubling Raw Cashew Nut Production by 2016

11 April, 2013

The cashew industry in Ghana has attracted the attention of the government, thanks to efforts by the Ghana Cashew Industry Association. In a meeting with Ghana’s new Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, a delegation representing the Ghana Cashew Industry Association explained the benefits of cashew to the Ghanaian economy.
The Association’s goal of garnering the minister’s support was successful – Mr. Iddrisu committed to providing technical and financial support that aims to double current production levels by 2016. The Ghanaian government estimates current production at 40,000 MT, and hopes to increase production to around 80,000 MT.
Government estimates of production in Ghana are 40,000 MT
“The support will go to small holder farmers … to enable them to increase their production levels to meet the target set and this support will come for them to start immediately this year”, said Mr. Iddrisu as quoted in an article published April 6, 2013 in “The Daily Graphic” newspaper of Ghana.
ACA Member Mr. Winfred Osei Owusu and President of the Ghana Cashew Industry Association, helped organize the meeting and indicated his enthusiasm for continued efforts to leverage government partnerships to aid the cashew industry in Ghana.
“Among other short-term strategies prior to the inauguration of the national body, it is part of our advocacy program to marshal government support for the industry,” he said. Mr. Osei Owusu cited the Minister of Agriculture as the next focus for the association’s advocacy work.
Source: ACA

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