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Cashew Kernel Price Today...

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Cashew prices decline on subdued demand

24 Jun, 2013

NEW DELHI: Cashew prices fell by Rs 5 per kg in the national capital today largely due to subdued demand from retailers and stockists amid adequate stocks. 

Increased arrivals from producing belts also put pressure on cashew prices. 

Cashew kernel (No 180, 210, 240 and 230) prices fell by Rs 5 each to settle at Rs 720-740, Rs 665-690, Rs 575-590 and Rs 500-550 per kg, respectively. 

Marketmen said subdued demand against adequate stocks mainly led to a fall in cashew kernel prices on the wholesale dry fruit market here. 

The following are today's quotations (per 40 kg): Almond (California) Rs 14,800 Almond (Gurbandi-new) Rs 7,600-7,900; Almond (Girdhi) Rs 4,100-4,600; Abjosh Afghani Rs 8,000-20,000. 

Almond Kernel (California-new) Rs 515-530 per kg, Almond Kernel (Gurbandi-new) Rs 420-550 per kg.

Source: The Economic Times

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