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Thứ Năm, 11 tháng 7, 2013

Maersk's first cashew delivery service ship arrives at Cochin

Date: 10/7/2013

New Yorker, Voyage 1306 is the first ship under the cashew nut service to have arrived at the Cochin port.

Maersk Line (India & Sri Lanka cluster) announced the arrival of the first vessel of its seasonal service in Cochin on July 9th, 2013.

This service which provides comprehensive coverage between West Africa and India is superlative in cashew deliveries in terms of quality, timeliness and reliability.

Franck Dedenis, Managing Director for Maersk Line (India and Sri Lanka), said, “When it comes to Cashews, product quality is paramount. Raw cashews are extremely sensitive to moisture, hence the cargo cannot be on the seas for a long time.
The Cashew service which is just dedicated to the cashew nuts import and is customized according to the trade demands, has shorter transit time and top quality food containers.”  

Maersk says the service offers the following advantages:

  • One Stop Shop through Dedicated Coverage: Customers don’t need to coordinate with multiple service providers to meet market demands with regular FW1 and FW 5 services to the West African Cashew gateways
  • Planning Accuracy through Service Reliability: Businesses now have the ability to plan operations and distribution more accurately, ensuring speed to market with the Cashew Service giving them a very high schedule reliability
  • Competitive Advantage through an Early Bird Service: Customers will now have a ‘First Mover’ advantage in both the domestic and the export markets as the Cashew Express is the first liner service to call Bissau this season
  • Peace of mind with Guaranteed Equipment Availability and Quality: Maersk Line ensures quality and consistency, giving customers peace of mind by shipping empty food grade containers into Bissau especially for the cashew season
  • Increased Dependability with Pick-Up Guarantee: Maersk Line ensures that all shippers have enough time to load on the Cashew Express and therefore able to avoid incidental costs arising out of unplanned exigencies. This is because the vessels stay put in Bissau for 5 days at a minimum operational cost of USD 60,00 per day.

Source: IIFL

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