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Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 10, 2016

Minimising sprouting, improving shelf life: Nigeria launches cashew export protocol


On Sunday 9, Oct., the National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) announced it was finalising plans to launch the eight per cent Cashew Moisture Protocol to minimise sprouting of exported raw cashew nuts.

The association's spokesperson, Mr Sotonye Anga, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, that the handling of cashew nuts would be given priority from point of harvest.

Anga said the cashew apple had a moisture content of about 20 per cent which would be dried under the sun to achieve the eight per cent Cashew Moisture Protocol.

He said that when properly dried, the core of Nigeria's cashew heritage would be preserved and the shelf life of the commodity would increase to 12 or more months.

The spokesman said "Now that cashew is globally sought after, there is an urgent need to ensure that the moisture content be reduced to eight per cent because that will thrive very well during the voyage period of 40 days. (time it takes from Nigeria to Asian countries)

"Dryness is a factor in cashew quality, so, we hope that with this, our farmers will earn more by selling better quality cashew, and processors will be reassured," he said.


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