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Thứ Tư, 19 tháng 10, 2016

Tanzania: Premier Majaliwa Orders Arrest of Cashew Nuts Smugglers

19 Oct. 2016

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed Lindi Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Godfrey Zambi to arrest all traders who are involved in cashew nuts smuggling.
He said all traders who are involved in smuggling of cashew nuts must be arrested and arraigned. "I would like to direct the Regional Commissioner to immediately act on this matter, these people who are involved in this illegal business must be arrested and taken to court for further legal actions," said the Premier.
According to the statement released by the Prime Minister's Office, Mr Majaliwa was speaking to residents of Mibure, Namakuku, Ng'imbwa, Chienjele, Mkata, Mitope and Kitandi in Ruangwa District.
The Premier also urged Lindi farmers to stop selling cashew nuts to racketeers best known as 'kangomba' in Lindi Region. He said farmers must sell their crops to the official market so that they can benefit from the business.

"The government will take serious legal measures against people who will be found smuggling cashew nuts, their vehicles will be seized as well," he noted. The Premier told cashew nuts farmers to shun 'kangomba' business and sell their cash nuts to authorized markets at a higher and approved price.
According to Mr Majaliwa, this year's cashew nuts price is expected to increase to 3,500/- per kilogram. He said some traders are buying cashew nuts at 1,000/- per kilogram.
"Some traders are buying cashew nuts at 1,000/- per kilogram but the price for this year is expected to increase to 3,500/- per kilogram, you must avoid selling your produces to these traders," he said.
He added: "These traders are also using unapproved measurement, and thus farmers are exploited," Moreover, the Prime Minister urged farmers to grow sunflowers and other cash crops so that they can get more benefit from agriculture practices.
"Those who grow sunflower get a profit of 1m/- from one acre, there is need for farmers in this region to grow other cash crops instead of concentrating on cash crops alone," he said.

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