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Cashew Kernel Price Today...

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Thứ Hai, 14 tháng 11, 2016

Cashew market updated - November 2016

07 November 2016

Cashews have reached new, sky high levels making the market a bit top heavy. W240 reportedly traded at USD $5.20 and W320 $4.70, WS $3.65, LP $3.18 over the last couple of days. Obviously the market has gone up dramatically. We have even heard w240 booked at $5.20 for as far forwards as March, April, and May. 
Currently only large shippers like Thao Nguyen, Minh Huy, Hoang Son have enough raw seeds to keep workers busy till new crop which would arrive in Feb/Mar 2017. I don't think small/medium factories have stock of raw seeds till Dec/Jan
We have also seen Tanzanian raw seeds offered at USD $2500/MT CFR without a buyer as many buyers see $2500 as too expensive and would like to see prices closer to $2300. 
Source: Anderson Export's

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