Cashew Kernel Price Today

Cashew Kernel Price Today, September 09, 2017

W240: 5.20-5.25; W320: 5.05-5.15;

W450/ SW320/ LBW: 4.9-4.95;

DW: 4.5-4.6; WS/WB: 4.35-4.6;

LP: 3.75-3.85 (SP: Limited)

(Unit: USD/ Lb FOB HCMC/ Flexi packs)

Note: The above selling prices for non-Chinese markets/ Prompt shipment.

Thứ Tư, 30 tháng 11, 2016

India: GST on Cashew : Finance Ministry should Consider Veg Based Indian food Habit

23 November 2016

Actually dry fruits are not much costly when compared to the water and moisture content of a fresh fruit. Calorie wise also there is no match for cashew and almonds in the fresh fruit category.
A vegetarian will not consider cashew as a luxury item. In India, even a non vegetarian is predominantly vegetarian as the consumption of meat is only a small portion of his daily food intake.
So the finance ministry should consider cashew as a necessity for the Indian food habit.

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