Cashew Kernel Price Today

Cashew Kernel Price Today, September 09, 2017

W240: 5.20-5.25; W320: 5.05-5.15;

W450/ SW320/ LBW: 4.9-4.95;

DW: 4.5-4.6; WS/WB: 4.35-4.6;

LP: 3.75-3.85 (SP: Limited)

(Unit: USD/ Lb FOB HCMC/ Flexi packs)

Note: The above selling prices for non-Chinese markets/ Prompt shipment.

Thứ Năm, 22 tháng 12, 2016

Ghana could gain ground in global cashew market

22 December 2016 By Julian Gale

Cashew; DFN; nuts;

European edible nut dealers are cautiously optimistic that Ghana will be able to increase its cashew output over the coming years.

Whilst it is acknowledged that Ghana’s cashew sector has not been free of problems, the long-term prospects are viewed as encouraging, particularly when recalling the massive expansion achieved by Ivory Coast over the last 20 years or so to become the ...
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