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Thứ Tư, 7 tháng 12, 2016

Tanzania: CBT calls on government to ease cashew shipping regulations

07 Dec. 2016

The Cashew nut Board of Tanzania (CBT) is pleading with the government to create a more sustainable cashew nut business by allowing shipments via truck. Currently shipments must be made via boat and with current loads at thier maximum, buyers are unable to get returns on their investments. With a more open shipment regulation they believe buyers would get a faster return and be able to reinvest or pay off loans. 

At present, they believe the challenges for cashew nut buyers are too steep and should be lessened. They proposed that if tighter security controls were in place, such as checkpoints around the country, truck shipment would be feasible.

"We shouldn't discourage these people; they have brought competition that has enabled the country to register unprecedentedly high prices," CBT Director, General Hassan Jarufu said. 


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