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Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 1, 2017

India: Quick verification ordered into raw cashew imports

31 Dec. 2016

Kollam: The Vigilance on Saturday ordered a quick verification into raw cashew imports in December on a complaint that irregularities have creeped into the deal.

It is alleged that raw cashews post-expiration dates were imported paying high amounts. Not only that, cashews were brought under a tender which was cancelled by the Director Board in November.

The probe will cover two business deals that were executed in December. The complainant also alleged that though the tender had quoted 500 metric tonne, the actual import was 1000 metric tonne.

The details mentioned in the e-tender are factually incorrect, according to the complaint.

The quick verification order was passed on Tuesday. Vigilance CI Jyothikumar is in-charge of the investigation. The report has to be submitted within 45 days. 


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