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Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 2, 2017

India: Good season for cashews in India, bad for mangoes

25 Feb. 2017

While cashews may be seeing a good season, climatic changes have been blamed for the bad season of the mango crop leading to erratic flowering owing to which fruits are not likely to bear abundantly. 

"The mango crop is unlikely to meet the expectations," said director of agriculture, Ulhas Pai Kakode.

The initial harvest has already hit the market with prices going as high as RS 200-500 per mango in some cases. However, less quantity is also an added factor for the exorbitant rates.

"Some mango crops are flowering only now which means farmers will be able to harvest in the last week of May. By that time the mango loses its value and won't fetch maximum rates. The overall crop, therefore, is not satisfactory," said spokesperson of All Goa Farmer's Sangh, Rohan Joshi.

The cashew output this season on the other hand has turned out to be favourable, owing to less exposure to fog and dew through the winter.

"The raw nut rates for this season are 160 per kg, which is better compared to last year where the prices went down to RS 110," said a local farmer. 

Source: Fresh Plaza

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