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Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 2, 2017

India: Tenders fail: Foreign raw cashews unavailable - Kerala

15 Feb. 2017

Kollam:  With repeated troubles in the form of vigilance enquiries and zero applicants for the tender process, the Cashew Development Corporation and CAPEX have hit a dead end in their efforts to procure foreign origin raw cashew nuts. As a consequence, the public sector factories have been lying closed for the last one and a half months.

The corporation employees have already set off to the plantations at Kannur and Kasargod to enable local procurement of which they expect 2500 tonnes. 300 workers have already reached the sites and will continue collection till June.

Tender process at the public sector institutions have been failing due to several reasons ranging from vigilance enquiries to errors in tenders. The last tender process was cancelled since there was only one participant. Approved tenders have failed to operate with suppliers withdrawing and complications around ports where the imports were to happen has further made the process difficult.

The new tenders for procuring 1500 tonnes from domestic suppliers will open on February 20 and that for 2500 tonnes from the foreign suppliers will open on February 25. The new tenders will have none of the incentives that were present in the previous tenders as these, primarily meant to enable reopening of the factories by Onam season last year, have lapsed with the month of January.    


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