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Thứ Năm, 16 tháng 2, 2017

India: Vigilance gives clean chit to CPI(M) minister J Mercykutty Amma

Thiruvananthapuram, February16

The vigilance and anti-corruption bureau (VACB) has given a clean chit to minister for cashew and fisheries J Mercykutty Amma following a preliminary enquiry into graft charges against her.

The minister was accused of perpetrating corruption to the tune of Rs. 10.34 crore in the procurement of cashew kernel for the kerala state cashew development corporation (KSCDC).

The VACB told a special court here on Thursday that a quick verification (QV) conducted against the minister and the other accused over the graft allegations did not reveal any financial irregularities in the procurement of raw cashew.

In the QV report submitted before the court, the VACB is reported to have surmised that the minister intervened in the procurement of cashew kernel for the KSCDC in good faith to uphold the interests of cashew workers.

The corruption charges against the minister were first raised by opposition legislator V D Satheesan in the assembly.

Satheesan had alleged that the kerala cashew workers apex industrial cooperative Society (capex) had turned down a tender to procure Ivory Coast raw nuts citing exorbitant price quoted in the tender.

However, capex later accepted another tender for raw nuts that quoted a higher price than the previous tender, thus incurring a loss, he had alleged.

The vigilance court had ordered the QV on a complaint filed against the minister by one P Rahim.


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