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Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 3, 2017

India: Rs 30 Crores for Cashew Procurement

04 March 2017

Kerala is the most important state for the Indian cashew industry. Expectations were very high about this year’s budgetary sanction for the state cashew sector.

However, the sanctioned amount for raw cashew procurement is only Rs 30 crore.

This year, cashew farmers are getting most remunerative prices in Kerala. So there is no need of Govt procurement or intervention to support them.

Workers also may not protest considering the income and expenditure situation of the state.Their position is safe as sick public sector units get Rs 270 crores for the next fiscal year.

- KSCDC should get its share in this amount.

( Rs 42 crore sanctioned for the modernization of factories is much more than the amount set aside for the procurement purpose. But this will not have any effect on the raw cashew or kernel market )


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