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Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 3, 2017

IVC: Cashew Nut: Plastic bags are banned (regional delegate of CCA)

Published Wednesday, March 22, 2017 |  AIP

Séguéla - During a meeting held in the prefecture, the regional delegate of the Council of cotton and cashew in Séguéla, Kone Issouf, communicated the measures taken by the industry regulatory body, among which the ban the use of plastic bags. 

'' Plastic bags, that's it! Taking someone, it is the law that will apply, '' warned the delegates Monday. He took care of distributing the circular note of the Directorate General for the Suppression of 15 violations of the provisions applicable to the domestic marketing of cashews. 

It stipulates seizure and destruction of the bags and the payment of a lump sum equivalent to 50% of the value jute bags. 

The plastic bags or polypropylene greatly degrade the quality of the product as not being ventilated, justifies the Council of cotton and cashew. To work around this provision, some buyers who say fail to convey bags of cashew nuts that night, '' between 2H and 3H in the morning. '' The regional delegate has revealed, '' to the test '', the 182 bags in three days before. 

'' If the producer has no bag, which I highly doubt, leave because if we take you with plastic bags, you'll take, '' he said while calling on buyers taking care of bags given to them free by the CCA. 

In the previous campaign, six billion CFA francs were released for purchase of jute sack in which 318 000 have been distributed to producers of Séguéla (Northwest, Worodougou region). 

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