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Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 3, 2017

UK: Battle of the nuts: cashews see increase in pub popularity

By Bronya Smolen
Bronya Smolen is Inapub's food writer and multimedia journalist. Follow her on Twitter @BronyaWrites

23 March 2017

The cashew nut is taking on the peanut, as sales are on the rise for KP Snacks.

Snack giant KP Snacks has seen cashew sales rise in pubs recently, as customers tastes become more varied. 

Matt Collins, sales director for convenience, wholesale & foodservice at KP Snacks, told us: “We’re seeing palates change, people are trying new snacks and cashew popularity is growing in general - so our pub card of cashews has increased in sales.

“On our carded range salted peanuts are the biggest seller, then dry roasted and chilli is popular but cashews have really grown.”

This comes as the company reveals its first insight report into snacking, which found that taste is the number one driver when choosing a snack, according to 51 per cent of people.

The report, in association with research companies him! and Mintel, also found that 52 per cent of snackers say taste is more important than healthiness.

It also found that 40 per cent of people who snack have cut back on sweet snacks in favour of savoury treats in the past year.

The company is set to spend to £13 million in marketing this year to drive brand awareness for its products. 


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