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Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 4, 2017

ACA in the operational phase for the supply of raw cashew nuts from Côte d'Ivoire to processing companies in the neighboring countries

10 April 2017

To help achieve the vision of the African Cashew Sector and increase the level of in-country value addition in Africa, the Director General of CCA, Dr. Adama Coulibaly has accepted the request of the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) to allow its members to export raw cashew nuts across land borders. 
Specifically, Dr. Coulibaly stated "... for the supply of raw nuts to processing units installed in neighboring countries, the Cotton and Cashew Council at the request of the ACA and under certain conditions could authorize the transport of raw cashew nuts to ACA members by land".
As a result, ACA has developed a concept note which would be submitted to the CCA wherein proposing the operational procedures for the supply of RCN to processing units through official corridors linking Côte d'Ivoire to the neighboring countries.

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