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Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 4, 2017

Senegal: Cashew: The players ask the state support

April 11, 2017

Cashew: The players ask the state support

Traders of Casamance, in the image of President-UNACOIS Jappo Ziguinchor Birame Mame Ndiaye, ask the organization of the cashew sector and a stronger state support to boost the industry . They believe this will generate capital gains and suddenly, improve their living conditions.
The president of the UNACOIS-Jappo Ziguinchor found that the disorganization is the Gordian knot of the cashew sector in the southern region. He explained that "the state has not yet measured the importance of this industry that generates billions of CFA francs, in a region in 6 months." He argued that at least 30 billion CFA francs were injected in Casamance (Ziguinchor, and Kolda Sédhiou) for two years, every country collection and marketing of cashew nuts, to the delight of producers, local traders and other intermediaries. "Not counting revenue from processing nuts and cashew apple," he added.
Mame Ndiaye Birame desired accompaniment of the State to set up small processing units throughout the South. He said it will increase the added-value of cashew, create jobs, will participate in the fight against poverty and the development of Casamance. Traders also want cashew producers exploit larger areas, have good form on seeds and cultivation techniques and collection.
El Hadj Moussa SADIO

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