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Cashew sector: Côte d'Ivoire control the market price but lack of banking and institutional support

Published Sunday, April 23, 2017 |  Politik Africa

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With the falling price of cocoa field edge, the Ivory Coast could she rely on cashews costing kilogram grows to pull its economy? The alternative may think are we in the cashew sector. But in time. "Do not judge quickly. It is true that the Ivorian cashew nuts is much demand in the world, and that makes her attractive price, but it is still too early to tell. Let us two or three years to see, "informed N'Guettia Assouman, the vice president of the Association of Cashew exporters Coast Ivory (Aec-Ci). 

This Saturday, April 22, 2017, during a visit to his warehouse located at the port of Abidjan, the actor cashew sector gives news of this economic activity. According to him, "the sector is doing well." "We now have devices that allow us to control the humidity, which is a very important factor in quality. This makes the products meet quality standards. Therefore, the right price follows. Producers well aware that only quality products are well paid. Also they dry out the products they sort out foreign bodies and bad nuts, "he said before revealing that" The quality of cashew nuts from Ivory Coast who was 46 between 2011 and 2012, is increased to 48 from 2014 to 2015 and is best appreciated on the international market. " 

Anything that supports the vice president of Aec-Ci, results in increased revenue for producers, but also a growing interest vis-à-vis people cashew resulting increased Sir plantations nationwide. "The production increased from 350,000 tons to over 715,000 tons in 2016". A dynamic that he continues, is still running and which allows the country to take first place in the world podium. "The Ivory Coast is now placed second producing country to the rank of first. Indirectly, Ivory Coast sets the price of cashew nuts today, because due to product quality, everyone buys in Ivory Coast. " 

For the 2017 campaign, the farmgate price of the kilogram of cashew nuts is set at 440 F / kg. A few years back, it was at its lowest level. The kilogram was directly purchased from farmers within 300 FCFA. For N'Guettia Assouman, if good price is encouraging, much remains to be done in the sector. 

"We the national players, are not supported by the government .. The cashew is still unknown banks. Banking institutions are careful therefore to invest, despite the different fairs and conferences we organize to explain. Today, it is the foreign capital that turn the sector as they please. We have no national protection of our rulers. We suffer, "regrets there. Yet according to the president of the Aec-Ci, domestic exporters are actors able to boost this sector by integrating processing are supported by the government. 

Richard Yasseu

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