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Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 4, 2017

Cote d'Ivoire: Cocoa and cashew, at a reflection of three days Abdijan menu


Will take part in this work in Abidjan, the Ivorian economic capital, from 18 to 21 April 2017 all the structures involved in the certification of products in the space of the Economic Community of African States (ECOWAS ). The activities will take place as follows: it is planned first meeting of the committee of experts of ministers for industry for the examination of texts on "quality infrastructure" . These texts will be submitted to Ministers for approval at their meeting scheduled for 21 April after their farming colleagues are gathered to consider "cocoa and cashew."

Cashew and Cocoa Trade Center

It is also planned at the end of the meetings of Ministers for Industry and agriculture, validation of two resolutions to accelerate the industrial development of cashew and cocoa in Africa 'Where is. Some products such as cashew, palm oil, mango, etc. must be given special attention in a note of the ECOWAS Commission transmitted to the African Press Agency (APA).  "The ECOWAS Commission will take this opportunity to present some projects cashew and cocoa. This meeting will be an opportunity to present the contribution of the quality infrastructure to promote agricultural value chains including cashew and cocoa, " the source said. But what a quality infrastructure?
This is an institutional framework that aims to allow the implementation of a health and safety function for consumers. While facilitating access to EU markets with lower export costs, this infrastructure helps the private sector to solve the problems of quality and compliance, a brake with multiple trials.

Strengthen the industrial fabric of African countries

A bargain so for very small industrial base of the ECOWAS countries. This has very little to the formation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with an average of 6% to 7% contribution of the manufacturing industry.
This had led the Commission to adopt in 2010 a "common industry of West Africa Policy (WACIP) and an implementation strategy was revised in April 2015 by the Ministers of ECOWAS in charge quality " , said the same source.

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