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Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 4, 2017

Cote d'Ivoire: Prevention and Management of farmer-grazer conflicts in the producing areas of cotton and cashew: the PSAC reinforces consultation committees building

Published Wednesday, April 12, 2017 |  ministries


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Cotton - The PSAC reinforces the consultation committees of capacity in the management of agro-pastoralists conflicts.
The Project to Support Agricultural Sector in Côte d'Ivoire (PSAC) held from April 4 to 6, 2017 in Korhogo, the forum for consultation and validation of the results for capacity building consultative committees for farmers conflicts / breeders.

Conflicts between farmers and herders are recurrent in the north of Ivory Coast. They are still fresh in their minds, the recent clashes between the two main actors of the Ivorian agriculture. In addition to the casualties are regrettable, this phenomenon is a major risk for the implementation of various projects and programs involved in agriculture. 

This is to mitigate risks and create a climate conducive to the development of agriculture in general and cotton and cashew nuts in particular, the Project to Support Agricultural Sector in Côte d'Ivoire (PSAC) held from 4 to 6 April 2017 in Korhogo, the 'forum for consultation and validation of the results of the mission regarding the establishment and strengthening of consultative committees capacity for farmers conflicts / farmers in the regions of Hambol, GBEKE, Tchologo, Poro, Gontougo and Bagoue. 

During this exchange platform and sharing experience, participants including, farmers, ranchers, cooperatives of Presidents, Regional Directors of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Safety and Environment, Water and Forestry, Animal and Fishery Resources have a participatory approach, as well as during the plenary during the workshop activities, diagnosed the causes of conflict and analyzed the existing management arrangements. It was followed by the development of an innovative strategy of prevention and conflict management. This strategy includes strengthening the missions of existing mechanisms, which will now focus preventive action on the occurrence of conflicts. 

It was also discussed at the forum, the composition of the consultative committees, the appointment procedure of its members, the administrative supervision of these committees, the strategic and operational activities, and the financing of the consultative committees. 
Representative of the PSAC Coordinator, Mr. Souleymane TOURE, Gender Specialist and Social Inclusion, emphasized the reasons for the intervention of the project in the issue of conflicts between farmers / breeders: "The PSAC in its intervention on the ground, found the recurrence of conflict that could disrupt its activities. Thus, we considered it important to consider the risks in the field, and take actions likely to create a peaceful environment in the activities of the producer and the farmer. " 

Messrs. Koffi Kouadio, Regional Director of the Department of Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development (MINSEDD) Poro and Max Powa, Regional Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) Poro have the names of their respective Ministers, thanked the PSAC for this initiative "which aims to strengthen social cohesion in the regions." 

As for Mr. BINATE Laciné, Secretary General Prefecture, representing the Poro Regional Prefect, Prefect of Korhogo, also welcomed this initiative which, he says, creates a framework for exchanges between key players in the agricultural sector in Ivory Coast. He hoped that settles a dynamic of conflict resolution to establish a collaborative and symbiotic relationship between these two actors given the complementary nature of their activities. This must be done, according to him, respecting the interests of each other, the environment, customs and traditions. 

The Forum's work was conducted under the coordination of Mr. Mr. Lassana DOSSO, Regional Director MINADER Hambol, assisted by Lanciné Coulibaly, Head of Department at the DR MINADER GBEKE as moderator and Mr. KOUAME Eric DR MINSEDD Tchologo Rapporteur. 

Implemented since May 5, 2014, the PSAC is part of the National Agricultural Investment Program (NAIP) of the Government adopted in July 2010 and which wants an implementation instrument of the agricultural pillar of the National Plan of development (Pnd) 2012-2015. The project targets small cocoa farmers, rubber and palm oil, cotton and cashew. 

Irène BATH (Info: Scom PSAC)


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