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Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 4, 2017

Guinee: Suspension of export of cashew and coffee by land, noises in the scrap industry ... Trade Minister trusts (Interview)

07 April 2017

On the sidelines of a joint press conference he co-hosted last Tuesday in his department around the consumption of Chicha, the Commerce Minister has agreed to appoint two media whose Mosaiqueguinee.Com. Marc Yombouno fights after being accused of discriminatory maneuvers in its reforms concerning the scrap industry. The authorization of the sale of the Chicha in Guinea to conditions contained in an order that he has signed and the suspension of the export of cashew, coffee and cocoa by land, constituted of other aspects of this exchange in the office of the Minister of Commerce.
Mosaiqueguinee.Com: Minister today that it is the regulatory process of the scrap industry? You are accused of wanting to favor certain players over others.
Marc Yombouno: Not this year I started working on it since my arrival here in 2014, we began to hold meetings with all stakeholders: the collectors, buyers, sellers and exporters. We asked all the problems of the sector on each table and gave his point of view. He was told to set up their level a federation of all the associations and unions that exist for the State has in front of him an interlocutor and that is why we, in our case, we have Place a ministerial decree regulating the marketing of scrap that is to say, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.
At their level, there are several groups quis went to the Ministry of Territorial Administration where they obtained approval. There are some who complained Moustapha and announced that he too will set up a federation. He sent a request to the Ministry of Administration for approval of a federation of the same name and for the same purpose as the law does not allow that. Thus he has recourse to us asking if we could take the others to integrate.
They agreed but he emerged to say he wants the post of vice president. The vice president has given way to him. But I think that's not the problem. It's on our side, the regulations we put in place, should the containers now go through a sorting center approved by the Ministry of Commerce for the relevant departments can know what is in the containers avoid our tracks, covers of our sewers, and other metals that are the basis of our economy will not be dismantled to be exported.
Mosaiqueguinee.Com: But does this sorting center is really ready and was available to them?
Marc Yombouno: The recycling center is ready, that's when we launched the marketing campaign. There is a 100 tonne weighbridge is there, which was hosted by the Head of State. This center was made available to the federation. We have said that even if there is a sorting center even if it is in Kankan or Boke would require the center to be approved by the Ministry of Commerce. But that group, as he is used to send outside of anything at the expense of the Guinean economy does not comply with this regulation.
Mosaiqueguinee.Com: You've just released a decree to regulate the sale of Shisha, why? 
Marc Yombouno: This is a tobacco like other tobacco but the particularity is that there is a whole set of tools for its consumption. It is a product of Eastern origin who has known since last year, a very large extension in Guinea especially at the university and school centers where bars have been opened for consumption. But what is worse is that there were mixtures of tobacco to toxic substances. This is what has led the Department of Commerce to regulate this activity. We will work to ensure that the commercialization of Chicha is lawful in Guinea and participates in the national economy while preserving the health of Guineans.
Mosaqiueguinee.Com: A kankan for example we have recently learned that the governor raised the tone against the export of cashew through our land borders is it a measure of the Ministry of Commerce?
Marc Yombouno:  Since 2015, it issued an order suspending the release of our land borders of cashew nuts, coffee and cocoa.
Mosaiqueguinee.Com: For what purpose?
Marc Yombouno: This measure enables Guinea to really know its production capacity because we did not have statistics on everything that came across our borders. This is why it has suspended the release of these products by land where there is no traceability system for now, the port and the airport are the two places where these products really come out.
Interview rélalisée Thierno Amadou Camara M'Bonet Mosaiqueguinee.Com

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