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Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 4, 2017

India: Beat the heat with Jeedimamidi pandu

02 April 2017


Cashew nut fruit is sold like hot cakes during this season and plays as a source of income for tribals.

Jeedimamidi pandu

Mancherial: Rich in nutrients, minerals and water content cashew nut fruit, locally known as Jeedimamidi pandu are sold like hot cakes these days. You can beat the heat and quench thirst by savoring the naturally ripened fruits in summer.
Some say, you can lose weight and fight diabetics as well by consuming it. Despite the availability of various nutritious fruits in the market, the cashew nut fruit are still in the list of foodies. In particular, rural folks thanks for its nutritional and medicinal values. Roadside vendors are making a living with many purchasing the fruits in view of blistering heat wave conditions.
Ippa Poshavva, an elderly woman is upbeat for registering brisk sales of cashew nut fruits for the past few days following heavy demand from public. The vendor, a native of Boyapalli village in Thandur mandal has been selling the rich source of vitamins on roadside on Mancherial-Asifabad State highway since 20 years.
Enthusiastic farmers grow these trees by leasing fields. It plays as an income source for tribals of erstwhile Adilabad as the crop is drought resistant. The Integrated Tribal Development Agency of Utnoor extends various forms of support to Adivasis in raising these plants. One can register huge profits by selling the fruits and nuts in summer.
Dr E Narasimha Murthy, assistant professor at the department of Botany, Satavahana University of Karimnagar told Tabloid Today that this refreshing fruit is a rich source of nutrients, Vitamin A and minerals. “One can quench their thirst by having this fruit as it contains water just like in watermelon. It tastes like mango and is a pseudo fruit. Similarly, nuts have fat and proteins,” he adds.
“The exotic plant was originally introduced in India by Europeans. Initially, it was grown in Khammam, Vishakapatnam and erstwhile Adilabad districts. It is economical and tribals can achieve financial empowerment if they are encouraged to take up cultivation of the plant,” explained Murthy.

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