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India: Cashew planting project begins today

KOLLAM APRIL 14, 2017 09:59 IST

Saplings will be planted on the premises of Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation factories

The cashew planting project of the public sector Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation (KSCDC) which aims at augmenting domestic production of raw cashew nuts will be launched from the Kottiyam factory complex of the KSCDC on April 14 by Minister for Cashew Industry J. Mercykutty Amma.

Two lakh saplings

KSCDC Chairman S. Jayamohan said that under the project, two lakh saplings of a high-yielding variety were ready for being planted and distributed to farmers at the rate of ₹35 each sapling.
He said the KSCDC had 30 cashew factories on 90 acres of land. The saplings would be planted on the premises of these factories.

Vegetables too

The remaining saplings are meant to be sold. At the factories, where the saplings have been planted the system of intercropping will be introduced to produce organic vegetables.

Micro irrigation

This will be carried out with the support of the Agricultural Department through its micro-irrigation project. The harvest is mainly meant for the 12,000 workers of the KSCDC factories, Mr. Jayamohan said.
The cashew saplings’ nursery for this purpose was cared for by the volunteers of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme attached to the Mayyanad grama panchayat and the Mukathala block panchayat, Mr. Jayamohan said. Eravipuram MLA M. Noushad will address the function in this connection, he said.

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