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Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 4, 2017

IVC: Concrete efforts to professionalize the sector cashew in Ivory Coast

Mon Apr 03 2017

Concrete efforts to professionalize the sector cashew in Ivory Coast

For ten days, the cashew industry players in Ivory Coast have been trained by the Council of cotton and cashew (CCA) to the concept of Farmer Business School (FBS). The training, which was held in Korhogo, in the north, which ended on Friday, hit 25 professional coaching and advice as well as a fifty producers.

Introduced in Ivory Coast in 2010 by the German cooperation, the FBS approach -or Agricole-business school aims to teach farmers in particular to plan their farming activities and expenditures, reports Sap. info .

The CCA intending professionalise the sector by all means and at all levels. Thus, in the Gontougo region northeast of the country,   the regional representative of the CCA, Sory Bamba, on Thursday called on cashew producers to demand receipts buyers after the sale of their products. " This will identify fraudsters to know the tonnage per producer per village, sub-prefecture, department and even by region. Based on these receipts, producers can receive certain benefits to the Council ," he said.

The region of Gontougo recorded a production of 83,000 t of cashews in 2016, reports AIP .


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