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Thứ Năm, 20 tháng 4, 2017

IVC: Consultation in Abidjan West African ministers to boost the industrial development of cocoa and cashew

Published Thursday, April 20, 2017 |  APA

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Safety / use of plastic bags: Meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee 
Abidan September 21, 2016. Anne Desirée Ouloto and jeans colleague Claude Brou (Picture), both members of the government co-chaired the monthly meeting of the Committee inter on the manufacture, marketing and use of plastic bags.

Abidjan (Ivory Coast) - The ministers in charge of agriculture and of the West African industry began Thursday in Abidjan consultations to review draft resolutions in order to accelerate the industrial development of cashew and cocoa, APA notes in the Ivorian economic capital. 

At the opening session, the United Nations Representative for Industrial Development (UNIDO) in Ivory Coast, Tidiane Boye regretted "the low rates of transformation of these speculations observed in key African countries" . 

"Africa alone produces 70% of world cocoa bean supply. The only Ivory Coast has a market share between 43% and 38% of that rate according to the crop, "recalled M.Boye adds that for cashew continent provides nearly 45% of the global production of cashew nuts. " 

Referring to the major constraints to the development of processing industry of these speculations in Africa and especially in the western region, the Resident Representative of UNIDO cited among other "weak technical and technological capacities of the promoters, the cost and quality of energy, difficulties in access to financing, quality issues, difficulties in access to international markets. " 

In turn, Kalilou Traoré, Industry Commissioner and promoting the private sector of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has indexed "limited cooperation between countries" as the main reason the weakness of the lack of transformation of key products. 

"Regional cooperation undoubtedly offers us an ideal way to deal with these issues," justified Kalilou Traoré where such meetings. 

"Our meeting is a milestone", said the Ivorian Minister of Industry and Mines, Jean Claude Brou. To host this international meeting, "the transformation of these two products is a real opportunity for these countries to diversify our economies, with the key to wealth creation." 

Besides the issue of agro industrial, setting up structures for regional quality infrastructure will be on the menu of these consultations in the Ivorian economic capital. 

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