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Thứ Tư, 19 tháng 4, 2017

IVC: Industrial Zone Yopougon: 12 people suspected of robbing a warehouse Cashew nuts arrested by police

20 April 2017

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Twelve (12) people trying to empty a nightly cashew warehouse in the industrial area of Yopougon, last Wednesday, were arrested by elements of the national police. 

Indeed, these individuals aboard a 30-ton truck intended to seize cashew warehouse stock; However, lack pot for them they fell into the police mesh. 

According to a trader if this Wednesday April 12 is not isolated; as this practice is recurring at the industrial zone. According to him, warehouses and containers are often robbed without seals on the doors are broken. But how is this possible? 

According to Traoré Mohamed, head of the security company (security Africa Group) committed to the business of monitoring, 12 suspected thieves came relying on the help of his security guards on site with which they would have spent sharing deal the spoil (either CFA 1,500 million, each). 

On the instructions of their superiors who had knowledge of such practices, security officers pretended to walk with the proposal. Thus, a proper security system was set up so that upon arrival of unscrupulous visitors, warning was given to the hierarchy that is responsible to notify the police that was quick in his speech. "We even had brain position of the gang. But he managed to get out before we arrived. The police therefore hold of every 12 thieves that came with a 30-ton truck to load the product, "said Traoré Mohamed. 

Faced with this situation, economic operators in the industrial zone anxious that security will be strengthened 

"It is a danger for operators annuity products such as cocoa and cashew especially now popular because it occurs quickly and sell for a good price. In many cases the guards are accomplices. This practice exists there a long time and nothing is done to dismantle this network. It's organized theft. The state should build a police station and a police station in the industrial area of Yopougon, to reduce these flights that usually accentuate during cashew or cocoa campaigns. For beyond economic operators, it is the entire economy is threatened. "Said a trader under the condition of anonymity. 

R. K (with Becanthy)

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