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Chủ Nhật, 23 tháng 4, 2017

IVC: Textile industry and oil production: 6 plants from the brink (associations)

 Published Sunday, April 23, 2017 |  APA

Some six factories of textiles and the manufacture of cooking oil are on the brink and in the process of disappearing in Ivory Coast, where they are confronted in recent years with enormous difficulties in the supply fiber and cotton seed , raw materials production.

The conclusion was drawn at a press conference Saturday in Bouake (North Central), the chairman of the National Cotton Textile Workers' Federation and the Ivorian cashew (FENATTCA- CI), Drissa Sékongo.

This is according to Mr. Sekongo spinning mills UTEXI Dimbokro (the country of the Center), COTIVO Agboville (south), FTG and TEX-CI (Gonfreville) Bouaké (North Central) and crushers COTRAF in Korhogo (extreme North) and OLHEOL Bouake north Ivorian Center.

Given their current operating states, companies' UTEXI, COTIVO, FTG and Olhéol are closed and factories that are closing track is COTRAF in Korhogo and Bouake CI-TEX, '' a-t- he advised, adding that the last two mentioned (COTRAF and TEX-CI) are the only one les six 'who are making the effort to breathe under control' ', that is to say' this is as if they are right now in a car medicalized ''.

As for the other four continued Drissa Sékongo '' I can tell you that these companies are closed. This is a semblance of operation that is ongoing in these factories '' where some employees still working there '' often receive only subsistence premiums 10 000 to 20 000 FCFA instead and pay up. ''

For the president of the FENATTCA-CI, above a heart-cry is '' a wakeup call '' that his federation of 15 trade union structures in the cotton sector and cashew resounded in management of the Ivorian state.

'' Today all workers (nearly 10 000) of the federation are in disarray, clueless and owe their salvation to a government decision '' is to say '' that State must take a single decision is to prohibit the release outside the borders of Côte d'Ivoire of our raw material (cotton) '' he said, emphasizing the strict implementation of this decision remains' 'the only condition to save these companies because even if given billions if there is no raw material, it is doomed to failure.' '

Also, he added Sekongo, '' we propose that the state should set up a guarantee fund to ginners so they can buy the raw material, and it can give comfort letters (credit lines ) in big trouble with companies such as UTEXI, COTIVO, FTG and Olhéol ''.

According to the union, the only truly functional factories still in this vast sector of cotton processing industry in Ivory Coast are ginners, which unfortunately are also increasingly faced with production problems due to climate change and the significant progress cashew (cotton cultivation being increasingly abandoned by farmers for cashew).

Furthermore, concluded Drissa Sékongo, '' if the crushing companies, spinning ... if the cotton sector is closed while it is the North and Center of the country today who fall into abject poverty. ''

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