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Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 4, 2017

Ivory Coast 20 000 tonnes of cashew will be transformed in 2017 by the national (Government)

Published Wednesday, April 5, 2017 |  APA

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 Cotton Sector-Cashew: BAMBA Mamadou, Chairman d`Administration

About 20 000 tonnes of cashew will be transformed in 2017 by the national Ivory Coast, announced Wednesday, the Ivorian government has adopted a mechanism to support these domestic processors to facilitate their access to raw material by financing involving the banking sector. 

According to the spokesman of the Ivorian government Bruno Nabagné Koné who was speaking on Wednesday, after a Minister Council chaired by the Head of State Alassane Ouattara, a '' mechanism to support national processors cashew '' was adopted. 

'' A total of almost 20,000 tons of raw nuts that could be transformed during the 2017 campaign compared to 3550 tons in 2016, '' continued Bruno Nabagné Koné, noting that '' it is a mechanism that should allow to substantially increase the production and processing of cashew nuts in our country during the year 2017 ''. 

The objective is to facilitate access to the raw material (Cashew) to national processors, including funding involving the banking sector in the dynamic framework initiated by the government to speed up the processing of cashew nuts. 

'' This mechanism is mainly to mobilize part of the Council of cotton and cashew resources in the form of advances for the acquisition of an initial cashew stock for the benefit of local processors during the campaign 2017 '', said Mr. Koné, also minister of communication, the digital economy and the post office. 

It 'provides a raw nut stock guarantee scheme purchased through this mechanism. This permits secure advances made by the Council of cotton and cashew nuts, '' the minister added. 

This mechanism will enable beneficiaries transformers constitute a gross stock of enough cashews to operate their plants throughout the year provided that the entire campaign is relatively short (three to four months). 

The Ivory Coast has become the largest producer of cashew nuts to India in 2015 with more than 700,000 tons against 564,780 tons in 2014.La cashew sector has 250,000 producers in Ivory Coast and employs more than a million people. 


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