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10 April 2017

British nut milk yoghurt brand Nush has extended its offering by launching the Europe’s first cashew milk yoghurt range, continuing to revolutionise the dairy free and yoghurt categories. The recently launched Sicilian Avola almond milk yoghurt range will also extend further with a big pot (350g) being offered.
 The new cashew milk yoghurt range will include three flavour varieties: Soil Association Certified Organic Natural (350g & 125g), Vanilla (125g) and Strawberry (125g). Both the new cashew milk yoghurts and the almond milk yoghurt big pot will launch into Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic.
Each 125g pot is made using cashew milk containing up to 20% pure cashew nuts and like the almond milk yoghurt range, all products are vegan, use whole ingredients and are completely free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya, preservatives, additives and refined sugar.
Produced by blending the finest cashew nuts with vegan probiotic cultures, maintaining the whole cashew nut goodness, Nush yoghurts offer a light and delicate flavour profile with naturally sweet notes and a deliciously creamy texture that can be enjoyed as a direct swap for traditional dairy yoghurt.
Nush continues to tap into the growing demand for dairy free milk alternatives which has seen an increase in sales of 49% since 2014, according to a recent Free From Report, with nut milks leading the way.[1]
The company said: “Following the successful national launch of our almond milk yoghurts and the overwhelming consumer response to the products, we are excited to be extending the range with another revolutionary offering, of Europe’s first cashew milk yoghurts, as well as a big pot variety of our Natural almond milk yoghurt.
“The three-strong new cashew milk yoghurt product range is made with pure cashew milk, containing up to 20% cashew nuts in every pot and is naturally rich in plant protein. We source these nuts from Vietnam for the best taste and natural creaminess in texture.
“We are excited to offer consumers even more choice in the yoghurt category, responding to the growing demand for nutritious, convenient and delicious dairy alternatives, which can be enjoyed as a satisfying snack or a versatile kitchen staple.”

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