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Thứ Sáu, 26 tháng 5, 2017

Côte d'Ivoire / quality improvement, guarantee better prices for stakeholders in the cashew sector (CCA)

25 May 2017

Seguela - Preserving and improving the quality of cashew raw nuts are guaranteed better prices than those currently underway, have informed members of a delegation from the Council of cotton and cashew (CCA) present Wednesday in Séguéla (Northwest, Worodougou region) as part of an awareness campaign the players in the cashew sector, the regional prefecture. 

"If we put all quality measures implemented and that the origin Ivory Coast is better valued, we will have the best prices, '' said the technical director of the CCA cashew, Ms. Ouattara Mariam, producers and buyers came in addition Séguéla, Kani, Vavoua Daloa and Issia, not without revealing that the country loses '' 150 to 200 dollars per tonne '' because of the quality that is less. 

The representative of the producers in the 'Platform to Think in place since September 2016 and brings together all industry players, Dago Djédjé Crepin,' 'that's everyone wins when there quality and it is the producers the first losers '' when it is not. 

According to the buyers representative, Soumahoro Abdoulaye, some of his colleagues were not funded this year because they have delivered products of not very good quality in previous campaigns. "This requires that the product is well dried and well sorted," he recommended. 

"If we make the quantity without quality, we will not benefit fully from the fruits of our labor. It's good to be the biggest producer, but it would be better to make the quality to take advantage of higher prices, "for its part, recommended the Prefect Benjamin Effoli before the close of the awareness session. 

This workshop comes within the framework of the activities of the 'Platform to Think which, among other objectives, to communicate with all stakeholders on the quality of challenge for sustainable development of the Ivory trade cashew, do you over. 

After Séguéla, the CCA delegation will visit Bouake, when another is in Korhogo and Odienne, the four major areas of the Ivorian cashew basin to also discuss the profitability of the industry opting for quality products. 

The regional delegation in Séguéla CCA covers the administrative regions of Worodougou and Haut-Sassandra, does one note. 



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