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Thứ Tư, 24 tháng 5, 2017

IVC: Cashew producers trained in product quality

Published Thursday, May 25, 2017 |  AIP

Odienne - The cashew producers were made aware of the product quality Wednesday by a mission composed of officials of the Council of cotton and cashew, National Agency for Support to Rural Development (ANADER) and representatives of exporters. 

The overall objective of the sensitization mission is to inform, educate and closely involve stakeholders in the sector in the management of the quality of cashew nuts. 

"Raising the producers to market only well dried and well sorted, educate buyers and exporters to buy only well dried and well sorted, sensitize all stakeholders on the scrupulous implementation of the provisions of the marketing including those related to product quality (better transportation, packaging and storage), "said Doumbia Mamadou, justifying the purpose of the mission he leads. 

This is the mission of attracting the attention of all stakeholders on the challenge represented by the good quality for a sustainable development of the Ivorian cashew sector. And, cleaning the packaging field in the bags through the collection, separation of the shell apple, drying and storage in store, workshop told. 

In February, ANADER, in partnership with the Council of cotton and cashew, had conducted similar training in the early campaign for good quality cashew nuts. 

With an annual production of 70 000 tonnes of cashew nuts, Denguele District (Northwest) including parts of Folon and Kabadougou is a great cashew producing area but sometimes the quality is criticized by exporters . 


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