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IVC: Cashew: '' sustainability of the sector depends on the quality of the product, '' (DG Cotton Council and cashew)

Published Thursday, May 11, 2017 |  APA

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Workshop training and distribution d`analyse quality hardware producer cooperatives d`Anacarde 
A training workshop and distribution of quality analysis equipment for cashew nut producer cooperatives opened this Thursday, May 11 2017 Grand Bassam. This workshop whose opening ceremony was chaired by the General Manager of Cotton Cashew Board, Dr. Adama Coulibaly, aims to educate Agricultural Organizations on improving and preserving the quality of Ivorian cashew nuts.

Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast) - The Director-General of the Council of cotton and cashew, Dr. Adama Coulibaly urged Thursday in Grand Bassam, producers of quality, guarantee the sustainability of the sector, APA learns on the spot in this historic town about 43 km south of Abidjan, home to a workshop that brings together 60 cooperatives. 

"Sustainability of the industry depends on the product quality (...) .The quality at a price in the international market," said Dr. Adama Coulibaly delegates of the 60 best from cooperatives from different regions of the Ivory Coast. 

Furthermore the primary responsibility of the industry reassured about the outcome of this workshop. "Every workshop is followed by concrete actions on the ground, the industry needs concrete actions, needs to move forward," said Dr. Coulibaly. 

Awareness on improving and preserving the quality of Ivorian cashew nuts through training and the analysis kit distribution KOR (Kernel Putturn Ratio) are in the workshop menu. 

According to the Ivorian government quantities sold amounted to 649,587 tons in 2016. These are 29 operating units that transformed 40,383 tons of nuts. The Ivory Coast is the largest producer of raw cashew nuts. 

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