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Thứ Tư, 31 tháng 5, 2017

Ivory Coast / cashew nut: the Séguéla monitoring committee draws up the mid-term review of its activities

31 May 2017

Séguéla, May 31 (PIA) - The die monitoring committee cashew in the department of Séguéla (Northwest, Worodougou region) made Wednesday at the prefecture, the results of its activities during the campaign in 2017 which draws to a close.
For the general secretary of that committee, also regional delegate of the Board of cotton and cashew (CCA), Koné Issouf, the 2017 campaign was successful overall, listing nine measures that helped achieve this goal.
Among these actions, the support to the activities of the Association of Chartered buyers, processors and exporters of cashew nuts Worodougou (2ATEW), so that the voice of the region heard at local and national level, a meeting with the producers of the Worofla sub-prefecture to better soak up their difficulties, the establishment of a secure escort by the republican forces to the ports of Abidjan and San Pedro which helped end the multiple robberies occurred during the previous year, the application of the ban to load the edge of the field and the prohibition of plastic bags that ostensibly improved the quality of local production to the point that none of the trucks arrived at 1300 ports were repressed.
For the 2017 campaign is over, the producers of Séguéla have sold more than 30 million kg of cashew for a market value of over 15 billion CFA francs. The floor price of 440 francs rose with offers ranging from 500 francs to 750 francs, and sometimes reaching 900 francs in certain production areas.
Committees Eve, created by ministerial decree in March 2014 and chaired by the prefects, are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules on the marketing of cashew, do you note.
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Source: AIP

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