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Thứ Bảy, 13 tháng 5, 2017


13 May 2017

# Senegal : Since the opening of the marketing of cashew campaign, prices rise and reach unprecedented levels. The refusal of Guinea-Bissau, a major producer , exporting its production for customs largely explains this increase.

Kiosk le360 Africa. In Casamance, þrst producing region of cashew nuts in Senegal, farmers are delighted. Prices reached 1,100 CF A per kilo (1.65 euro), unheard of for this fruit whose harvesting and marketing þeld edge only lasts a few weeks. The producers are rubbing their hands, when traders and Indian exporters came for the brief season résigent to pay that price. 

According to Radio France Internationale (RFI) , the main reason for this rise in cashew -appellation during that connoisseurs prefer to "cashew" - is probably the high demand. Indeed, the request was sent to the Guinea-Bissau has been temporarily postponed to Senegal. In this small country , but which is the second largest producer of cashew in West Africa after Côte d'Ivoire, the government blocked all exports. Authorized traders are slow to pay the deposit linked to the export tax.

Cashew is the main wealth of Bissau and therefore a fundamental resource for the state budget. The country has tightened controls on illegal exports to neighboring Senegal. And President José Manuel Vaz, _him_-self, has banned farmers selling their crop, until the forty exporters agree to pay the bail.

So, the campaign is stopped in its tracks.  So, the price of cashew nuts in Guinea-Bissau does not exceed 500 CF A francs, against FCF A 1,000 in Guinea, and up to 1100 CF A francs in Ziguinchor , the capital of Casamance, or 800 CF A francs in Coast 'Ivory. 

Besides locking in Guinea-Bissau, it should also be noted that Vietnam, the biggest cashew nut sheller in, had a very poor harvest. Every thing is done, so that the increase does not stop. 


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