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The cashew campaign stopped in Guinea-Bissau

By Claire Fages Distribution: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The cashew campaign stopped in Guinea-Bissau
Cashew, more commonly called cashew tree. Getty Images

Cashew exports do not start in Guinea-Bissau. To prevent smuggling into Senegal, Guinea-Bissau president has banned farmers to sell their harvest, the first resource of the country.

The cashew campaign is stopped in Guinea-Bissau. It should however be in full swing in May. But the head of State Jose Mario Vaz banned until further notice the sale of the fruit of the cashew by producers, rather than see the first wealth of the country from being smuggled to Senegal.
The real problem is that Guinea-Bissau's cashew nut could not find another outlet in two months: the exporters were not approved by them. This year, the Government of Guinea-Bissau required the forty exporters a financial guarantee in case they do not meet the standards or they escape the taxman. Very reluctant to pay this bond buyers do not get their permission to export, the entire marketing of Guinea-Bissau cashew is blocked.
Soaring prices in Cote d'Ivoire and Senegal
So, the price of cashew nuts kilo in Guinea-Bissau remains a minimum floor of CFAF 500, while it is bought more than double the other side of the Senegalese border. The international market demands more than ever African and Asian buyers cashew do not look at the expense. Vietnam, the world sheller for raw nuts, not a good crop this year. And although India is better equipped than the West African harvest is higher than last year, a kilo of raw nuts flies to 800 CFA francs in Ivory Coast, 1100 CFAF Senegal.

The market eagerly awaits the production of Guinea-Bissau, third source of raw nuts in the world (200 000 tonnes last year), after the Ivory Coast and Tanzania. Yet the Bissau-Guinean cashew growers are forced, for now, to store their harvest.

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