Cashew Kernel Price Today

Cashew Kernel Price Today, September 23, 2017

W240: 5.20-5.25; W320: 5.05-5.15;

W450/ SW320/ LBW: 4.9-4.95;

DW: 4.5-4.6; WS/WB: 4.35-4.6;

LP: 3.75-3.85 (SP: Limited)

(Unit: USD/ Lb FOB HCMC/ Flexi packs)

Note: The above selling prices for non-Chinese markets/ Prompt shipment.

Thứ Ba, 30 tháng 5, 2017

World cashew output relatively stable

Global cashew output this year is expected to be only marginally above that of 2016, according to figures issued at the INC World Nut and Dried Fruit Congress, held in Chennai, India, from May 19-21.
India is pegged to overtake Ivory Coast this year at 176,700 tonnes compared ...
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