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Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 6, 2017

IVC: Of cashew farmers trained on good agricultural techniques and quality criteria

30 June 2017

Zuenoula - The national support agency for rural development (ANADER) organized a training workshop on agricultural practices and the quality criteria of cashews in for cashew producers. 

This training, which mobilized about 100 cashew producers took place Wednesday at Zuenoula versatile home in the presence of the prefect of the department, the third deputy mayor and industry players. 

For ANADER area Zuenoula chief, Kouamé Hervé Kouakou, this training is part of the project Agricultural Council dedicated to cashew producers controlled FIRCA. 

This day organized for the cashew producers of the department aims, according to the zone leader, reward, educate and strengthen the capacities of producers after the 2017 campaign 

Emphasis was put in this training on quality criteria cashew and cashew farming techniques, he said. 

The producers were urged to continue the good practices in order to have good quality and in sufficient quantity to increase their income. 

Production of Zuénoula area increased from 23 000 tonnes to 30 000 tonnes of cashew, says one. 

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