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Thứ Sáu, 2 tháng 6, 2017

IVC: The regional delegation of the Council of cotton and cashew donated in Séguéla

01 June 2017

Seguela - The regional delegation of the Council of cotton and cashew (CCA) donated Wednesday of a new motorcycle Prefecture Séguéla (Northwest Worodougou region) and two telephone handsets respectively police and gendarmerie at the end of the workshop-balance monitoring committee held in the prefecture. 

For the regional delegate of the CCA, Koné Issouf, these gifts within the scope of ad hoc aid the monitoring committee to partially relieve the administration with which it works closely. 

'' In the countryside, buyers went to the police and they realized that the position was failing, '' he has justified the donation to the police leading actors of safety actions the sector with cashew for the 2017 campaign, 320 interventions and forty convoy escorts to the ports of Abidjan and San Pedro. 

'' To call for help, we must be able to agree, '' he added. 

'' Thank you understand that even bringing a needle, can ease administration '' has, for his part, said the prefect Benjamin Effoli who was visibly happy with the gift of this machine which will now allow distribution easier mail to the attention of religious and community leaders as well as managers and department heads. 

The regional delegation of the CCA covers the administrative regions of Bere and Worodougou is in its first donations in the monitoring committee recently set up to ensure compliance with the rules on the marketing of cashew. 

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