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Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 6, 2017

Senegal: Production of cashew nuts: Alioune Sarr promotes synergies between Ziguinchor and Sédhiou

28 June 2017

In Senegal, three areas share the production of cashew estimated at 20 thousand tons. This is the Sokone area in the Fatick region, the Niayes area in the region of Thies and the area of Casamance, which polarizes the regions of Ziguinchor and Kolda Sédhiou. And in these 20 tons, it is important to emphasize that the Sédhiou region alone provides 40% of cashew nuts in Senegal. Hence the importance, according to Minister of Commerce, the informal sector, consumption, promotion of local products and SMEs, to develop synergies between the regions of Ziguinchor and Sédhiou for the achievement of objectives . Moreover, beyond the contribution to food self-sufficiency, the die cashew provides more than 250,000 jobs and generates a turnover of over 30 billion CFA francs per year in Senegal. More than 350 thousand people, more than 14% of the population of the regions concerned and 20% of the rural population depend on cashew. In the region of Ziguinchor, there 3807 households cashew producers, but in April 2627 persons directly involved in the production, or 8.7% of the population. Like the other producing regions, there Ziguinchor a diversity of actors who are active around the industry: mainly SMEs family involved in the domestic market but also for export and which have a common point: the to be anchored in the heart of rural and agricultural areas.

Despite these findings, the Commerce Minister, Alioune Sarr believes that the main issue remains the sector mainly that of competitiveness. "This is essential to better promote and foster the creation of jobs in this sector and participation in the economic growth of the country and its development," he said. As for the Minister of Commerce, less than 5% of the production is processed locally with a turnover of 315 million CFA francs, while that side, exports account, he said, 30 billion CFA francs.


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