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Thứ Ba, 4 tháng 7, 2017

India: Sullia: Cashew factory catches fire - loss put at Rs 30 lac

Sullia, Jul 4: 

A cashew factory located at Nalkur near Guthigar, Subrahmanya in the taluk caught fire on Sunday July 2. In the fire, which reportedly was ignited due to power short circuit, a godown in the factory where cashew nut was stored, was gutted.

400 quintals of cashew nuts stored in bags turned into ash in this tragedy. As per an estimate, the factory has suffered a loss of Rs 30 lac in this fire. This factory is owned by Poojarykody Chandravathi from Nalkur.

The factory in question was opened three years ago. It is located by the side of it's owner's house. Usually, about  20 workers do work in the factory but there was no one inside when the tragedy occurred as it was Sunday.

About 400 quintals of cashew nut had been procured by the factory owner a few days back. Nearly 90 percent of the stock was burnt down in the fire tragedy.  The roof, sheets, other equipment and electrical appliances were charred in the fire. Fire brigade from here rushed to the spot and doused the fire but by then most of the damage had been done. A complaint about this accident was filed in Subrahmanya police station.


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