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Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 7, 2017

IVC: Côte d'Ivoire / CEO of the Council of cotton and cashew pleads for valuing IFEF

Issia, July 6 (PIA) - 

The Director General of the Council of cotton and cashew, Adama Coulibaly believes that Training Institutions and female education (IFEF) should be better valued because of their mission for the empowerment of women in Ivory coast. The CEO was speaking Wednesday in Issia, on the occasion of the 5th exhibition and sale of IFEF of the Haut Sassandra he secured sponsorship. Listeners six IFEF Haut Sassandra have, for a day, presented their creation through fashion shows and sales exhibitions."The quality of the shot work for inserting the welfare of women leads me to emphasize that IFEF deserve better valued ...

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