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Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 7, 2017

IVC: Private players trained in the production of cashew seedlings high yield in Korhogo

06 July 2017

Korhogo, July 6 (PIA) - Eighteen nursery propagators and 36 were formed in the Poro region to contribute to the multiplication and distribution of high-yield cashew seedlings.
The training focused on the efficient management of a cashew nursery and grafting techniques, took place in two stages, first in the dining room was to introduce students to the theory and a second part to the National Center station Agricultural research (CNRA) of Lataha where they could put into practice the concepts learned in the field.
To date, the research conducted by the CNRA with the support of the Interprofessional Fund for Agricultural Research and Consulting (FIRCA) helped to set up the plant material at high efficiency.
The 54 private players thus formed will strengthen the plants production capacity of the CNRA and allow the cotton cashew Council (ACC) to meet demand increasingly strong.
In Ivory Coast, the current average yield of cashew is 500 kg / ha against more than one tonne in Vietnam and India, for example.
According to the CCA, this difference is explained by the use of non-selected seeds in the implementation of the first orchards.

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