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Thứ Ba, 25 tháng 7, 2017

USA: 5 sneaky ways to add nuts in your child’s diet

17 July 2017

Toddlers seldom take a liking to nuts. Here are ways to include them in their diet.

Nuts like almonds, cashew and pine nuts have many nutritional benefits. Even traditionally, feeding nuts and dried fruits to toddlers is given importance as it is said to add to their nutrition and is an important part of their diet. The only problem is, children, especially toddlers, don’t really take a liking to eating nuts easily. I am yet to meet a child under 6 who readily chews onto nuts. Even adding it in kheer or other dessert preparations does not work with toddlers as they will spit it out. So how do you make sure that your toddler receives all the goodness of eating nuts without making a face or spitting it out? Easy. Hide it in her meals. She can’t spit out something if she can’t taste it bite it. Apart from adding nuts in my daughter’s saatu maavu meals, I resorted to some other sneaky ways to make sure that she ate nuts, and here I am sharing these with you. Before that though, please understand that some kids might be allergic to nuts and make sure of that before you introduce nuts to your child. Consult your paediatrician to find out how you can know whether or not your child is allergic to nuts.
  1. Mix almond or peanut butter in rice cereal: This is strictly for children over a year old, and who aren’t allergic to nuts. You can mix a little spoon of almond butter or peanut butter in your child’s rice cereal or even oats porridge that you make for her. Mix while the porridge or cereal is still warm so that the butter melts and mixes in well.
  2. Spread almond/ peanut/cashew butter on a toast: For children who are older and like to eat bread (like most children) you can skip the regular processed butter and use some peanut, almond or cashew butter instead. Don’t use the chunky kind. It is better if you use homemade almond, peanut or cashew butter as opposed to store-bought ones.
  3. Almond meal in cupcakes: Almonds are said to boost memory, and they are a good source of omega3 fatty acids. If your child refuses to eat the almonds that you soak overnight for her, you can make her favourite cupcakes with almond meal instead. Almond meal cupcakes are easy and quick, and definitely very tasty.
  4. Almond meal in pancakes: While almond meal cupcakes are a healthy snack option, if you want something for everyday meals, then make almond meal pancakes for your toddler’s breakfast. Serve it with a drizzle of honey or with her favourite fruits.
  5. Add low sodium pesto to baby’s khichdi: Most children like to eat khichdi for their lunch. Khichdi has a beautiful, smooth texture that most children like, and you can add as many vegetables as you like, without your child noticing. To make it even tastier, add some low-sodium and no chilli pesto, make of pine nuts and olive oil to your baby’s khichdi.
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