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Chủ Nhật, 6 tháng 8, 2017

Burkina Faso: Industries Bobo-Dioulasso: The plants die under the weight of fraud

03 August 2017

Monday, July 31 2017, Paul Kaba Thiéba during a short stay in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso, visited three industrial units namely nut processing company mahogany (ANATRANS), the African air company (SAP Olympic) and WINNER company. This visit allowed him to touch the finger tip the many difficulties that undermine these plants.
Of these three industrial units, the nut processing company mahogany (ANATRANS) is the first to have hosted the high delegation headed by the prime minister Paul Kaba Thiéba. This visit initiated by the PM, was to firstly, to go congratulate and encourage all those brave workers who contribute to increase the national economy, and also to inquire about the evils that undermine these processing units in the town of Sya.
The husking area of ​​skinning, through the classification zone to the packaging, the delegation was able to do the job to the chain that is done in this industrial unit. And the Prime Minister came out impressed. "I was impressed with what I saw as is exactly what we want to do as part of the implementation of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development (PNDES), namely the transformation of our products farm, "he suggested.
Before expressing his feelings of satisfaction for this visit and the willingness of his government to support this industrial unit for processing cashew for export.
"Not only exported products related export revenues to the state, but also in the factory, I was impressed to see all the women who work here. 
With the wages they earn, they will be able to support their families and this will help in the fight against poverty. And this is an initiative that we will support. "
Also, he congratulated the head of the factory and all the workers who are there. However, he posted the will of the Government to take all measures needed to support the cashew sector.
Furthermore, exchanges with officials ANATRANS company, it appears that Burkina Faso produces about 70,000 tons of cashew nuts per year, while the potential is there to produce significant values. Hence the need to seek appropriate measures to increase efficiency and thus draw more profit from this sector.
After that company is on course that of SAP and WINNER today face enormous difficulties especially due to fraud. Thus, the PM went to talk with the actors of these companies to find from the crisis. 
According to the CEO of African society tires, Niaoné Hayouba, this company was established in 1972 and actually started its production activities in February 1974. Based in a landlocked country, the Olympic Sap, like most companies industrial Burkina Faso has experienced and continues to experience tremendous difficulties existential. At the forefront of these challenges include among others the practice of unfair competition in its markets.
To believe the DG, the markets are invaded by Sap competing products of mainly Asian origin, often of poor quality, but still sold at great prices through fraudulent practices of all kinds. And this fact results in reducing by the day of the Sap market share with the key, frequent periods of poor sales of its products as is currently the case in which the company has nearly a billion four hundred million (1 400 000 000) CFA francs finished products in stores. "This forces our company to operate mainly in one team with a staff of two hundred and eighty (280) workers instead of three possible teams for at least five hundred (500) workers," he lamented.
Even finding at Winner Industry, according to its CEO Mrs. Traoré / Ouedraogo Fati. Unlike Sap "machines" in this society no longer turn and workers find themselves in layoffs and no pay for over a year now. A situation deplored the PM. 
"It's really difficult to come to this factory closed and see more than 120 fathers without work is a difficult situation and it gives us pinches the heart."
Speaking on behalf of the staff, Ouédraogo Ibrahim delegate suggested that Winner industry is in crisis following an opaque and family management which is the subject since taking office of DG in 2001. He also informed that the company has no raw materials or finished products. "All cash accounts are empty, no debt to be collected, with in addition a huge liability which about 800 million to the state and payables of nearly 600 million," was outraged it.
In such a situation, taking a number of actions is essential. This is both to internal actions of external support. Thus, in the light of observations made by the Prime Minister by visiting these industrial units in the region, it should be noted that the problem is "a cross-cutting issue" to which the government must address.
"As a landlocked country, so if fraud were to invade our market, our industrial units will be asphyxiated. So that will compel Burkina Faso to be a de-industrialized countries and we condemn to be products consumers in other countries.This which is not acceptable, "said Paul Kaba Thiéba.
However, he said the country has the ambition to develop a solid economy hinged on what we as national wealth including livestock, agriculture but also the food processing industries.

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