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Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 8, 2017

Côte d'Ivoire / A cashew cooperative president denounces disruption of the sector activities Nassian

07 August 2017

Nassian, August 07 (PIA) - The president of the Agricultural Nassian (CANAS) denounced Friday at the General Assembly of the said cooperative Nassian the intrusion of some buyers came from outside to disrupt the industry in the Nassian department. According to the president Bamba Aboudramane, these buyers come to offer producers kilogram purchase price of the area that comply with national legislation.Farmers who provide credit cooperatives prefer to deliver their products to the Ghanaian buyers that secure them a price per kilogram above that fixed in Ivory Coast. But the peasant always chooses to sell to capital gains. That's why 1000 T in 2015, production ...

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