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Thứ Ba, 8 tháng 8, 2017

Côte d'Ivoire / prefect Ouangolodougou deplores the leak cashews to neighboring countries

08 August 2017

Ouangolodougou, August 08 (PIA) - In his address to his constituents on the occasion of the celebration of the 57 th anniversary of National Day, Monday at the Independence Square, the acting prefect of the department Ouangolodougou Yao Kouacou , deplored the leak cashew to neighboring countries.
Noting a decline in production of cashew in the last two years in the department, the civil administrator pointed to the leak of this product to Mali and Burkina Faso as the main cause of the fall the production.
"Regarding the cashews, the situation is increasingly worrisome. 3,300 tons in 2015 and 1937 tonnes in 2016, the amount of product sold increased this year 2017-108 tons. This sudden drop data is not linked to a drop in production but to a leak of the product to neighboring countries, "said Mr. Yao.
So he appealed to cashew producers to end this practice, which does not promote the development of the department.
"It's an opportunity for me to challenge producers, buyers and the youth to stop this practice undermines the national economy. If we want to see the government build roads, hospitals, illuminate our cities and towns must sell production in Ivory Coast because it is from the collected taxes that the state carries out these projects, "a- he said.
"If we want to one day rise to a cashew processing factory in our department, as is the case today for cotton, we will sell our products in Ivory Coast because it is given the right statistics production than the state can achieve this plant, "said the prefect.
He also welcomed cotton production it is better this year compared to previous. He said he was confident of seeing this production increase with the zoning policy initiated by the government of Ivory Coast to benefit cotton farmers.
The cashew and cotton are the two main cash crops for the people of Ouangolodougou Department (North).
Source: AIP

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