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Chủ Nhật, 6 tháng 8, 2017

Guinee: Ban on export of cashew nuts: Customs Kankan wants motorcycles to track down fraudsters

03 August 2017

The traditional game of hide and seek between customs fraud is still far from reaching its epilogue on along our land borders. In an interview he gave to regional antenna, the Regional Director of Customs Kankan claims to have seized large quantities of cashew nuts on their way to neighboring countries. 
Since 2016, the Guinean government has taken measures prohibiting export form of cashew nuts by land country: " The first entry covers nearly 5 tons of cashew. The perpetrators were brought to justice before being dispossessed of their product in addition to the truck carrying it. We also took many other stocks cashew but lower amounts, bound for Mali , "revealed Cdt Faramany Djoubaté, Regional Director of Customs of Kankan.
But fraudsters themselves have explored other ways to escape the vigilance of customs services demonstrates our interlocutor. "  The traffickers are now using bicycles and motorbikes on tracks that our vehicles can not practice. This is why we need to completely break motorcycles for the new strategy saboteurs of our economy, ", he added.
Redouble vigilance along the land borders but especially replenish the fund of the state by the achievement of the estimated budget year 2017 which amounts to 28 billion 175 million Guinean francs, are the major challenges soldiers economy in Upper Guinea. " Today we can rejoice since Kankan has already reached 100% of its quota, the Prefecture Faranah has nearly 100% Mandiana is over 40% and Siguiri at almost 80%  ," concluded Maj Faramany Djoubaté.
Despite these points scored in the implementation of the customs performance contracts in Upper Guinea, customs services are racked by an acute shortage of logistics and a severe shortage of staff.
Mamadi CISSE regional correspondent / / Kankan

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