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Chủ Nhật, 6 tháng 8, 2017

Ivory Coast / producers Gohitafla invited to improve the quality of cashew nuts

04 August 2017

Bouafle, August 4 (PIA) - The president of the National Association of producers of cashew (ANAPROCAJOU) Dagou Djédjé Crépin invited producers Gohitafla, a town 22 km from Zuenoula (Central West region Marahoué), to improve the quality of cashew nuts to be more competitive in the international market.
At the celebration on Thursday, the day the producer of cashew in the presence of administrative authorities, Mr Dagou said the next season 2017-2018 should focus on the production of better quality, guaranteeing a consistent income which will improve the living conditions of the producers.
Mr. Dagou welcomed the organization of this day whose themes are "Campaign 2018, the challenging year of quality cashew" and "Ownership of the National Research Program on cashew (NARP) to cajouculteurs ". He urged the producers union and the agreement to approval of the price of cashew nuts.
"We count on your support to be among the first producers in quantity and quality," he said to the various cooperatives wishing to improve their working conditions.
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Source: AIP


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